On leash humiliation

on leash

This story is a part of Vicky’s diaries devoted to her BDSM experience. “…I stood before him nude except for the black leather collar around my neck. Like a pet dog my master held me on leash controling my every move.

I stood head bowed and hands clasped behind my back listening intently to his cool, stict voice. He teased my boobs and spanked my cunt with his hand. I don’t remember how it happened but his massive rod slipped into my vagina and began to fuck me brutally.

on leash training

I felt aversion and pleasure at the same time…in a minute I cum. Then he pulled the leash making me to suck his cock. I stood on my knees with open wide mouth and gave his a blowjob. He capped it off with my face full of goo…”

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